First Post

I’ve heard that writing a blog is good for you for a while now. I guess I’m going to test the idea out now. It’s a little weird knowing that people are going to be able to read this. I’m typing my thoughts out a little more carefully and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. On one hand it probably improves my writing, but it feels limiting too.

Right now I have several systems set up but I don’t want to go over that just yet. For now I’m going to be doing a recall in which I try can conjure up as much as I can from yesterday without any type of aid. I’m not going to be worrying about grammar or flow just typing out whatever comes to mind. I feel that it’s somewhat liberating. It’s supposed to enhance my memory as well but I’m not exactly sure how one would test that.

My writing definitely needs a bit of work. I’m impressed with the people who can generate quality content and gain an audience. Always cranking out good ideas and putting it out there in a format that’s enjoyable to read. Now that I think about it a little more, they also need to be able to make articles readable in a vacuum. As in they have to assume the reader knows nothing about their lives and the article has to be entertaining by itself. I supposed I’m only talking about the “good’ blogs that get read. I’ve never had a chance to examine a “bad” one. Maybe it would be a good idea to take them side by side and compare.

Geez all this typing and I’m still at 2 minutes. I think my immediate problem in life right now is a lack of direction. I have so much information coming at me I’m getting a bit overloaded. There is so much content about productivity out there, one can spend their entire lives studying that while accomplishing nothing. That possibility scares me because I’m the type of person who tries to find the “best” system. I don’t typically like sticking to one system if I’m convince that the new one I just found is better. The problem is that you can’t have to many systems and it’s hard to determine which one is better. There is also a transition cost when you switch between systems. Essentially the learning curve of learning the new system. But yeah I believe that right now I have far too many systems and I should work on trimming it down.


I use this to generate a couple new ideas everyday. Right now I’m just trying to get practice talking about some of the things I enjoy talking. One of my hobbies is flipping a butterfly knife trainer. A trainer is extremely similar to a knife in terms of weigh distribution, but it doesn’t cut you. I don’t flip to try to be a gangster or anything, I just think it’s extremely fun and relaxing. There’s also a pleasant feeling of competence from being able to manipulate an object like that. It’s a little sad that they are illegal though. I know it’s inconvenient for many in the balisong community. It’s an example of a law that’s not based on logic. I’m not certain but I believe that the ban was solely because people were injuring themselves with it. A balisong is not more dangerous than most of the knives out there. If I had to go out and harm someone, a balisong would be one of my last choices. It’s not as sturdy as a regular knife and there are knives that can be drawn and concealed quicker.


Hmm always draw a blank at first. Well I know for a fact that my mom was not home. Oh yeah I remember doing the escape room. That’s one of my last EEMB assignments. God that class was bad. I actually talked with my benchmates for a while after that was interesting. After that I didn’t have much motivation to do anything else. I’m pretty sick of school at this point but I’m impressed for myself for accomplishing so much. I drank Huel for my meals I believe. I also remember playing a ton of piano, especially Kintab. I absolutely love the efficiency that comes with using spaced repetition to learn music. It feels like I’m actually getting things done. Yeah I guess that’s all I can remember.



Just another college student. My current priority is to increase efficiency in all aspects of life so that I have more time to do the things I enjoy.

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Just another college student. My current priority is to increase efficiency in all aspects of life so that I have more time to do the things I enjoy.