Continuing with my learning journey from last time

Exploration of learning

I’ve decided that school can actually be interesting if I make it so. The most interesting part so far for me is not the content itself, but rather trying to optimize for the best results. My goal now is…

Man I need to step it up with this and start making it readable. Currently I’m just doing bare minimum to “set the habit”. The the book I’m reading, they say I should always establish a tiny task to build it into a habit. I think the idea is that…

My mom left to go on a hiking trip so I’m home alone for a week or so. Been slacking off a bit and only starting my schoolwork now. I think my classes are easy enough that I can squeeze all of the work into a couple days tho. Maybe I’ll try doing it all in the first couple days of the week next time and see how it goes. I’m absolutely determined to find out how to spend the least possible time and get the best results in school. It’s a fun optimization problem at this point. The material for this quarter is also pretty cool as well

Not much going on so far honestly… Wait I did try a new meditation style, it’s called loving kindness meditation. You’re supposed to picture a person you know and imagine them living a happy life. It sounds kinda weird but I think it works pretty well, going to try it again sometime.

This time, I don’t want to think too much about what I’m actually writing down. I want to recapture my free flowing thoughts as they come along. I used to do 750 words for this a day, but I stopped for some reason. Now it’s significantly easier because my typing…

Man I think this has really taken a huge hit in quality after the first few posts. It’s surprising that I cared a ton about what people would think at first, but now I’m just used to it and write whatever stuff I want.

Currently, I’m just trying to do…

So my focusmate stopped working yesterday for some reason and I spent like 3 hours looking up binding of isaac shit until 1 am. Maybe I have zero focus without the systems I set lol. Thank god they work 99% of the time. Today is just going to be a regular day I suppose. Not too much going on, just getting ahead on more school stuff. If I grind out biochem, I should be in a great spot. It’s actually pretty interesting once I get down to it. Nowaday I’m just too used to everything academic coming fairly easy. Quite a while since I felt challenged, but maybe I need to branch out a little in order to grow.

Holy smokes I think this modafinil thing works incredibly well. I got a 131 typing speed on my first attempt(normally I’ll get 100–120) with almost no mistakes. My mind feels as sharp as ever. I’m also trying this new 5 minute exercise routine at the start of the day.

Things I did:

  1. Exercise by shadow boxing
  2. Make a school plan

Yeah didn’t do much so far, mostly just making plans and working on my morning routine. But since it’s a routine I think I can tell that something is different much much more easily.

Hmm it’s curious that telling people that I’m having a fantastic day actually does elevate my mood. Part of me thinks it’s placebo, but it’s only placebo if I tell myself it is. I’m in almost full control of how I frame how the day went in my mind. Framing is more than half of the battle when it comes to my(or anyone’s) subjective experience. It can turn the exact same experience from terrible to fantastic. This is still my first session of FocusMate, so I haven’t done much yet… But the one thing I plan on doing is reading Lance’s book notes on that apartment book. Then on to creative cash I guess.

Another day, but this one feels much more bright somehow. This is just my first focusmate session, and I feel like I’ve gotten much done in terms of thought already.

  1. Planning to tell everyone that my day was fantastic! I read an insightful comment that ultimately we are in control…


Just another college student. My current priority is to increase efficiency in all aspects of life so that I have more time to do the things I enjoy.

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