Well, this is a bit early than I usually start writing. Usually I do this right when I’m about to go to bed because I procrastinate.

Today feels different somehow… I feel like I’ll do more and be better today. Perhaps it’s because I set up a schedule. Or maybe it’s because I realized that I’m severely sleep deprived right now. I got my Dreem 2 sleep tracker yesterday as a replacement. I haven’t used it after the end of January because the band was getting loose. I was ready to give up on sleep tracking because they wanted me to send the package back and I was lazy. But it turns out that I didn’t actually have to send it back. I guess they just wait a couple weeks before sending a replacement instead of actually checking whether it was sent back.

My internet went out yesterday and I was actually able to get several things done. I cleaned my horribly messy room for the first time in forever. It’s still a work in progress but at least now it’s getting somewhere. The pandemic and being trapped inside has really made me care less about everything in general. Having the internet stopped really allowed me to think straight and prioritize what I want to do. Right now, I’m using the internet as a form of escapism and it’s extremely unhealthy and counterproductive. Why work when I can just browse the web all day?

Just another college student. My current priority is to increase efficiency in all aspects of life so that I have more time to do the things I enjoy.